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Digital Cows Deluxe Exporter

Works with QuickBooks® Pro/Premier/Accountant/Enterprise 2002 - 2013 US, 2003/2004 Canadian and 2003 Australian Versions.




Export Your Quickbooks® data to:             

  • Access 2000 database
  • FileMaker FMPDSORESULT XML files
  • Comma Delimited (csv files)
  • Tab Delimited files
  • User Defined Custom Delimited files
  • Generic XML files

For Quickbooks® 2003 users and above the Digital Cows Deluxe Exporter will Export all your Custom fields including the Other, Other 1 and Other 2 fields!

Includes a transaction date filter to export transaction data for specific time periods.

Supported Operating Systems:Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Version Features

 Works with QuickBooks 2004 Works with QuickBooks 2003 Works with QuickBooks 2002  Works with QuickBooks Canadian Edition


US 2002 Version Features

2003 Version Features

2004+ Version Features

Free QuickBooks® Exporter

 Also Works with US QuickBooks 2005 & 2006

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